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Plastic Knuckle Duster Reviews of high strength Lexan polycarbonate Dirty Duck Knuckles plastic knuckle dusters which are legal, clear plastic, replicas of brass knuckles for personal collections.

People are raving about the virtually unbreakable design that is up to 30 times stronger than comparable acrylic plastic.  

With our varying sizes Dirty Duck Knuckles plastic brass knuckles are available for all hand sizes.  Use our handy sizing chart to pick which best suits you.

lexan plastic knuckle dusters dirty duck knuckles logo
lexan plastic knuckle dusters dirty duck knuckles logo

Plastic Knuckle Duster Reviews

I ordered from this site a small size plastic set of advertised knuckles, with my credit card. My knuckles arrived in a small envelope. Inside was a zip lock bag containing my product. Also there was a well written disclaimer warning me of possible consequences if they were used for any illegal purposes. The knuckles were well constructed and manufactured from Lexan. A product I was familiar with. These knuckles were added to my small collection I had purchased over the years.

Let me clarify something.. This was intended to be a review of this product , and it is, but I also want to set the record straight. I am retired and 80 years old. I have worked in high risk security most of my life, but before that I started working in logging camps at 15 years old and it was a different time then. Drinking and fighting was a way of life. Going to town every pay day could guarantee all the fights you did or didn't want. At 15 I was always the loser, until a few years later, .. my room mate, who was a black belt Korean guy, just trying to make a living, taught me. I was a dedicated student and soon became known as a tough guy and never lost a fight up to now.

As I grew up, married and started going to church, and event help change my life. A young woman in our church, came to me asking me if I would help her leave a very abusive relationship. I rented a van and moved her out, but violence is always a part of this . The boyfriend got a weapon and came after one of my friends. It was the first time I saw brass knuckles used by my friend and it was impressive. The episode convinced me there was a need to help women out of abusive situations. And for three years I moved dozens and dozens of women out of life threatening situations, using knuckles when required. I continued until my insurance was cancelled and then I moved into security.

The best money in security was always the roughest bars which always involved the police. Now to the point I am going to make...when a person attacks me I have the right to defend myself, only using enough force to stop the attack. I have always used brass knuckles to defend myself and sometimes the police would take them, but in many , many encounters I have never been charged with an illegal weapon.

This friend of mine who is helping me to learn a computer , has a wife who works at Walmart with crazy shifts, putting her walking out at night, into the parking lot. She has been approached, scaring the hell out of her. She now has my small size set of women's knuckles. she also got three hours of instruction to straight punch to the head at any threat. Her confidence is now 100%. She will NOT be a victim.

I shall get my friend to email this review to this site that sells these, many sizes of knuckles. I have no idea if they will treat this as a review or simply find it too honest. Ladies... Do not be afraid to buy this product , and with simple instruction you will no longer be a victim. My advice to you , is to is to only buy knuckles without (spikes, etc) intended to do more harm than defend yourself , because in court it shows intent to injure, not to defend yourself.

- Happy Customer

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